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Dragonoid Destroyer: Spins, Stands, Jumps, Shoots!

Mechtavius Destroyer: 4 Mechtogan Combine!

Mechtavius Destroyer combines four of the strongest and most powerful auto-transforming Mechtogan into one ultimate battling machine. Swipe and transform each Mechtogan to unleash their devastating weapons. Then combine Slycerak, Mandibor, Exostriker and the exclusive Mechtogan Coredegon into the fiercest and most evil 4-in-1 Mechtogan monster ever!


Slycerak is an agile and nimble Mechtogan that can maneuver his way into multiple attack modes. When threatened in battle, Slycerak's chest transforms to unleash dual spinning saw blades that slice through even the strongest of materials. With metallic blades on his forearm and a poisonous stinger tail, Slycerak is one of the most lethal Mechtogan.


Exostriker lures his opponents with a protective outer skeleton that hides his most lethal weapon, a dual blaster canon that fires a powerful energy blast at opponents. Exostriker's thick shoulders are also loaded with spiked metallic blades that reinforce his frightening attack.


The fearsome Coredegon fights with a power that is unmatched in the Mechtogan universe. His spring loaded chest exposes a mask that when pulled over his face strikes fear in his opponents. Coredegon also mounts an aerial attack with jagged spiked wings that articulate for speed and accuracy during flight. With a sword on his left arm, Coredegon strikes his opponents with overwhelming force.


A menacing Mechtogan, Mandibor is an intimidating and frightening threat. A spring loaded chest shoots powerful lasers to pulverize adversaries. Mandibor unleashes shoulder blades that become fully activated during battle. Sharp metallic blades fold out of his arms for a final devastating blow.